Iualdimeraldi studio was founded in 2018 by Matteo Lualdi and Matteo Meraldi.

The duo works in furniture, interior design and art direction for several Italian and international clients merging their different cultural backgrounds with a cross-cultural approach, made of creativity and, at the same time, rigorous knowledge of production processes.

Gennerale studio Effetto x SITO

From their studio in Milan, lualdimeraldi combines contemporary design culture with functional innovation of space use and product, with great attention to materials, outlining its own creative, fresh and flexible identity.

Our methodology is based on a commitment to our clients and their goals as a brand. We make every effort to understand our clients’ values, objectives and needs in order to create bespoke projects that take their business further. Each of our projects has a unique identity and a strong concept that we transmit in a clean and bold way.

We work for big, already established brands and for companies that are just starting out and need a solid concept to drive their business forward. Our career has led us to forge relationship with brands such as CALLIGARIS, HC28 or OLIVIERI and to develop projects in different countries such as Italy, USA, China, Turkey and Uzbekistan among others. We are enthusiastic about new cultures, new clients and new challenges.